In Boulogne-sur-Mer you will find the largest and most beautiful sea-aquarium in Europe: Nausicaa.
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Battle of Azincourt. Museum. This very modern museum shows in an interactive and interesting way how in 1415, during the 100-Years war, the French, with superior numbers (about 40.000 to 60.000 men) were beaten by the English, who had only 6000 archers and 2000 knights.
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The Castle-gardens of Maizicourt. Opened from may 1 until october 30; Monday to Friday from 2 pm – 6 pm. In june and september the gardens are open seven days a week. These are private gardens, designed by a fashion designer. They are very special and a source of inspiration for everybody who has a garden.
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The Abbey Garden/The Rose Gardens at the Abbey de Valloires
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A beautiful park in Séricourt. Opened from tuesday until saturday from 9 am to 6 pm, and on sunday and monday from 3 pm until 6 pm. Telnr:

St.Omer: an elevator for boats dating from 1887. Opened everyday from june 15 until september 15 and on Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays from april 1 until june 15 and from september 15 until october 31.

3 miles from St.Omer lies the huge underground V1 storage-site La Coupole dating from the Second World War. There is also a very interesting museum. Look on the website for more information:

In Eperleques stands a huge launching pad for V2 rockets: called Le Blockhaus. This is where the first V2-bombs were assembled and supplied with fuel, after which they were launched in the direction of London. A place of evil wich you can still feel when you visit the intact blockhouse complex with it’s five meter thick roof of concrete. Look on the website for more information:

Playing golf: There are numerous possibilities. Only half an hour drive: Hardelot or Le Touquet.
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Beautiful walks: an endless choice of possibilities, there are walks lasting 1,5 hour, 3 hours or 5 hours, all in the surrounding area. Please check walks

Canoeing with rapids:
Starting point Beavrainville. Tel : (00.33)(0) or (0)
Starting point Bouin-Plumoison. Tel : (00.33)(0) (cityhall) of: (0)
Starting point Montreuil-sur-mer (real white water rafting). Tel : (00.33)(0)

Street Rummage Sales/Brocantes: Within a range of 50 km there are at least 10 rummage sales every saturday and sunday from april until september. If you are willing to drive a little bit further you will find more then 60 rummage sales! A lot of English antique’s dealers buy their antique here.